Head up/Shoulders back

Every so often in life you hit something you never expected and there is no clear path to the next step. If you’ve run up against such a challenge, here are a few thoughts and phrases that have continued to come to mind.  Maybe they’ll be helpful to you when you face something similar.

1. Next Best Action
2. Future Focused
3. Service Minded
4. Let your words build rather than destroy.
5. Hug those you love a lot.
6. Don’t let bitterness cross our doorway.
7. Give 0 energy to things I can’t control.
8. Is it in my power to change something?
9. NO BCD.  Blame/Complain/Defend. You need all the energy you can get for the next step.  I’m responsible for my attitude and response.
10. What is before you matters more than what’s behind.  There’s no changing the past.
11. Do no harm.
12. Head up/shoulders back.  Circumstances can impact you but they do not define.
13. Count your blessings.  They are everywhere.
14. Sometimes the things that happen to you happen for you.  Be looking for the message.
15. You find out who your friends are and you are lucky to have them.
16. Trying times make you better or bitter.  That’s largely up to you.
17. Lean on those who have offered a shoulder.  You don’t have to carry things alone.
18. Seeking help isn’t weakness; it’s strength.
I’ll no doubt struggle to apply the above list myself, but it’s what I keep coming back to.  Thanks for listening.

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