Go Through vs. Grow Through

You often hear of those that have had great successes having at one time experienced great failures.  The maxim that you have to go through the bad to experience the good is one we often repeat to our players and to ourselves.  While the truth that hard times are to be expected to set up the good is one we should accept and allow to give us patience, it shouldn’t numb us to examining what our part is in the hard times we may be facing.  Hard work is a given but hard times may be caused or at least prolonged by things completely within our control.  If you got under a weight on the bench you couldn’t get up, laying there under it isn’t going to change that fact. It will take time, discipline, and WORK on our behalf to be able to come back to it and move that obstacle.  It’s not just our job to ENDURE the hard stuff, it’s our job to work to get out of it by growing our skills, strength, knowledge, and character.  Will we go through hard times?  Yes.  Will we grow through them?  Well, that’s more up to us than we often realize.

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