I don’t need no spot…Get it! Get it!! Get it!!!

There is a constant battle between any leader and those they lead.  It’s how much is the leader doing vs how much the team is doing?  Getting this line where it should be is a great challenge for a coach and should be the goal of the team as well.  If you spend time in the weight room you’ve always got those “no spot” guys.  The ones who will never take any help under any amount of weight.  This causes the them to stay within what they already know they can lift and to not achieve gains as quickly as they would if they really maxed out.  You also have those that always want a spot on just about every set and rep.  They will also not achieve their maximum potential because they’re looking for a helping hand too early and too often.
We need our teams to be in the middle.  To have the pride and competitiveness to do all that’s within their power to do in order to maximize their growth while having the humility to know that they can’t reach the top without someone to take them past where they currently are.  Some coaches do too much for their teams.  They coach every screen, pass, and read.  Others don’t do enough.  They don’t scout, cover opponent tendencies, or make any adjustments in game to help their players excel.
We must know what they can do, what they can’t, and have the relationships, skills, and energy to make the difference.
Allowing a team to give less than they’re capable is a coach’s biggest fear. Being asked to give more than they’re capable is a player and team’s biggest frustration.  I believe we should always be searching for that line as it’s a place always on the move.  To have the leader have to carry more than they should weighs them down and detracts from their ability to do the real heavy lifting that takes the team to the top of who they could be.spotter

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