Getting better without even trying!

It’s no mystery that I’m a big John Beilein fan.  I’ve loved watching his teams play all the way back to the Pittsnogle days.  He does it as well as anyone with humility and class.  A great example of this humility was demonstrated this weekend after their run to the Big 10 Title.  The commentator asks what has been the key to their much improved defense.  Beilein responds with, “I stopped coaching it so much.”

At first I thought he was speaking of keeping it simple.  Less variety and more demanding of execution.  Then he moved on to how he’d delegated much of that task to assistants.  He realized that his strength has a counterpart.  His teams have always been among the top in offensive efficiency.  He admitted that when watching practice his mind evaluates the offense as both teams attack.  Just a great illustration of someone knowing what he’s great at and having the wisdom to hand off the things he’s not.  We could all learn a lot from this example.

I included the Youtube clip of the interview.

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