Can you lift 5 lbs?

Are you kidding me?  Yeah…I can lift 5 lbs. Picture this: we’re in the weight room.  You have spotter.  They throw 5 on each side. You knock out a 55 lb bench (impressive). If they asked you can you lift 5 more?  You’d undoubtedly say yes.  As we add weight, eventually the answer becomes no.  5lbs at a time, we take on more than we can handle. Be it time or capacity, there are limits.  Be honest with yourself.  Each individual addition of work is added to what you already have or should have on your plate. No one would walk in to a weight room and say…”I can do all of this…” It’s easy to commit to the unseen hours far beyond our capacity to lift it.  Think about yourself under that bar when you pick things up and put things down.  We are limited whether we acknowledge it or not.

5 lb

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