It’s all connected

I was recently reminded of how connected everything we do with our teams really is. I saw a video of the way that wolves restored Yellowstone National Park after they were introduced. They cut down the deer population which allowed more foliage to grow. This allowed small animals to return to the region. Increased bugs in the foliage allowed birds and other animals to return to the region.  Trees were able to grow to maturity. Otters eventually returned as well changing the very course of the rivers and creeks running through the park. It’s a pretty incredible story and great illustration of how one small thing can lead to a great big thing.

Team building is not all that different. The right thing at the right time can lead to more growth than we could anticipate. It takes wisdom and awareness to know what’s missing. Few would think when asked why there are no longer eagles, otters, birds, and other wildlife in the park that it’s because there aren’t enough wolves. We must make sure our teams have balance as much as we can. Each member is connected to the others for better or worse. To pretend otherwise may mean we overlook the most important ingredients needed. To those coaches starting up their seasons this month…happy hunting.

If you’ve not heard the story, there’s a good video here.

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