You are the they you’ve been waiting for!

In any volunteer organization there are rarely enough hands to do the work needed to be done to have the type of organization that people would like to have.  We’d all like to have more while giving less. It’s human nature.
In something like a basketball program where there is annual turnover with graduation and the change in makeup of teams from year to year it’s important to let those involved in this year’s program that the hands holding up last year’s has changed.  To many that are early on in the process the organization is a continuous “they”.  It’s easy to think of what “they” should have done, should do, and should be planning to do.  The hard part is in doing it.  It’s important for those that are embarking on the shared journey to realize that “you are the they you’ve been waiting for.”  There is no one else.  There’s no back up plan.  You are plan A, B, and C.  Many are master delegators, but there’s a big difference in delegation and abdication.    It’s important for us all to know the difference.
ziggy delegation

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