Straw or Stick

As coaches we fall in love with the game PLAYING the game, not coaching it. Coaching is a tough spot to be in.  You are the one most responsible for what the team does on the floor with absolutely no ability to touch the basketball.  I believe that the tendency to over-coach comes from our wanting to impact every play.  How can we do this?  By calling the perfect set at the perfect time?  By whatever interactions we deem effective in “influencing” the refs? By distancing ourselves from our players missed shots while taking credit for every make.
The problem with this approach is that we can be so in search of making a difference on EVERY possession that we create players with more questions than answers.  More indecision than commitment.  Balancing putting down the controller and providing direction when needed is developed by feel and I believe the best walk that balance expertly.
We aren’t playing the game anymore, so how can we be the straw that stirs the drink without becoming the stick in the spokes of the wheel?  We are directors; composers; but we aren’t the actors anymore.  The sooner we can convince ourselves of this the better for ourselves and for our players.

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