Total Eclipse of…Your Talent

I know that you guys are probably like me.  Last week you were a little bit over all the talk of the eclipse.  It came, it went, it was cool.  This galactic alignment, however, got me thinking about more important things.  Basketball of course.  It caused an analogy to come to mind that may help our players understand what we’re after as coaches.  There are many players who shine bright in individual workouts, one on one games, and in pickup.  You see moments of what could be at different times in the game but they never are able to be consistent.  Their talent is like the sun in an eclipse.  You know it’s there.  You can still see it’s effects, but it’s not quite what it should be.

What are the things that can hold a player back from shining with all they’ve been given?

  1. Selfishness
  2. Unadressed weaknesses they can’t hide in competition
  3. Lack of chemistry with their teammates.
  4. Focusing on goals outside team success.
  5. Lack of confidence.
  6. Overconfidence.
  7. Lack of knowledge of role/scheme/tactics/philosophy.

There is no shortage of why potential remains unrealized.  There are a lot of books on this I’ve read that come to mind.  Talent is Overrated & Talent is Never Enough are a couple the immediately come to mind. It’s important to continue looking for ways to remove these obstacles from those we influence and of course in ourselves.eclipse

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