Dance Battle

Imagine a dance contest. Winner take all. 

One contestant hears the beat the crowd does. One is wearing noise canceling headphones and dancing to another song that doesn’t sync with the one everyone else hears. The second dancer could have all the moves but it’s going to look disjointed and spastic. They may have great skill and ability but they’re dancing to the wrong song. 

As leaders we deal with this on any team we coach. To some winning is the primary objective. To others it’s stats, showing someone else up & avoiding it themselves, or any other host of motivations that have NOTHING to do with winning. It’s easy to identify in how they respond to loss.  So many guys out there are playing a different game than the one they should. They only pass when it may be an assist, guard enough not to be benched but not enough to risk being beat, box out enough to say that they “tried” but not enough to make others think twice about crashing. 

I think we could all do a better job of calling this out. Stats may or may not come every game but we’re going to dance the dance we practiced. If there’s another song you’re dancing to; sit down so you can enjoy it…

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