Yes & No

“No is a complete sentence”.
I love this quote from the book Essentialism.  You have to know your no’s.  What are you going to not do so you can do other things?  I know many of you have likely read it, if not, heard of it and to me it’s worth the hype.  I read it about a year and a half ago but think it’s one of the books I’ve read with the most real world applications in the last few years. Even my kids enjoyed it on a recent road trip and it sparked good discussion. As an economics teacher we talk about opportunity costs all the time. To do one thing is to not do another.  This is an important lesson for us to remember as coaches and I think one of the hardest lines to walk.  Will an additional set be worth the lost time in fundamentals or reps?  Will continuing to grind in drill work pay more dividends than just switching defenses or pulling the 1 kid who just doesn’t get it?  Do we need more skill on the floor or toughness? We make these decisions constantly whether we think through the implications or not. Thinking of what we give up for each addition will keep us from drowning in a sea of yes and being overwhelmed on and off the floor.
To do one thing is to not do another…You can’t do it all.  Choose wisely.
If you like visual book summaries, this is a good one.

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