GHSA Proposal-3rd round/3rd site

It’s a problem that doesn’t impact teams until it really does.  You advance in the state playoffs to the 3rd round and you end up having to play on the other team’s home court due to a coin flip. One of my teams had to travel 3.5 hours afters to play another 1 seed. Fortunately for us, we won, but home court advantage matters.  If one team hasn’t done more than the other to earn it; it seems we could find a way for them to play at a neutral site with their seasons on the line.
I’m proposing that the coaches of the two schools be given 48 hours to find a neutral site they could play at.  They would have to meet GHSA’s capacity requirements and of course agree to do so.  If both schools cannot agree on the site before the time GHSA determines, it goes to a coin flip which will be held universally for the entire bracket as they are doing now.
To make it easier the GHSA could keep an “opt out” list of schools that did not want to be considered at the beginning of the year.  Host school could keep concessions.  I believe the coaches of our state would work together on this to help make our state tournament better.  We’d all probably like a centralized site like the Final Four for 3rd round games but in place of that, I think this is a good option with minimum work required by the organizers.  We could also work towards keeping the list of opt out schools out and have the GHSA assign a 3rd high school site if that worked better.  I’m looking to get the support of our region rep to address any issues there may be before submitting before the GHSA Executive Board’s next opportunity to change is held. If you guys know any athletic directors/executive board members bounce it off them and see what they think.
Send me any suggestions/ideas that may help here.


  1. Deciding on neutral sites like this will allow for a “day long” basketball event. Potentially, Site A could host several games starting around 2pm and finishing with an 8pm game. Would create a great basketball environment and allowing fans to see many games. The drawback would be that the GHSA would not make as much gate $. However, the GHSA could pitch sponsors and make up some of the gate loss. There would be value for sponsors to have a presence in such a well attended event.


    1. They don’t make any money now that they still wouldn’t make with this format. Am I wrong? Multiple games would only happen if there are multiple same seeds (which I know often happens due to 1’s moving on). If they want concentration of teams they have to reserve in advance and do more work.
      More work=sadness


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