Transfer the Problem

There are many things that may annoy you in your company/program. The first thing to do is to clearly identify why does it bother you? Then ask, does this matter or is this just a preference? If it’s a principle, then you have a problem. If it’s just a preference, can you let it go?If you determine it’s a principle then I have a saying I go back to often. “Transfer the problem.” If kids showing up after when you’ve asked, have you made it their problem instead of yours? Let policies do the policing in your every day, routine things that chip away at or strengthen your culture.

Player won’t box out? Transfer the problem with the bench. Team not communicating defensively in practice? Call “too quiet” for a down and back. The more problems we leave on our plate rather than the ones who cause them; the more problems you have. Pretty simple. 

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