Another Basketball Blog? Why?

It seems like at least once a week for the last couple years I’ve heard a voice inside say, “You should start a blog.”  No, I’m not hearing voices in general but it’s been persistent enough for me to finally get off my backside and put words to the cloud.
  • What?
    • A basic blog where I share my thoughts on the game, life, and pass on anything else of value I think may help others.  I’m not going to upload a ton of X’s and O’s as there are so many other guys that do a great job of it.  It’s a place to share my thoughts and get those of others.
  • Why?
    • Making sure that you have something to hand off increases the chances that I’ll be constantly in search of something to pick up.  If I have 2 readers in a year but I’m always looking to learn it’ll be worth it I believe.
  • To “give back”.  So many others have readily shared their wisdom and knowledge; I’d like to pass on some of what they’ve taught.
  • I know how much I learn from guys like Coach Bob Walsh and Zak Boisvert.  Would just like to provide a fraction of what they do.
  • What it’s not-
    • It won’t be perfect.  I’m cool with that.  The enemy of good is perfect.  Perfect has kept me from starting for way too long.
  • When?
    • Right now I plan to have a new post every Monday morning as well as anything else I come across during the week.
    • If it’s something you think you’d like just save the link.  Hopefully it’ll be worth the time.

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